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Legendary Logcrafters Ltd.

Legendary Logcrafters Ltd. is the original Company we founded in 1992 (see bios). We specializes in handcrafting fully customized homes of any size.  We are well known for our larger award winning home designs and we offer the broadest ranges of log profiles in the handcrafted industry.

Our success can be attributed to the care and precision of our craftsman and the visually appealing massive White Pine Logs.

We take pride in our innovations in the industry including our Kwik-Kit packages and Synergy Roof Panels.  We offer a service that is not only about building dreams, but relationships as well.



In 2000, Legendary Logcrafters Ltd. developed a series of innovative standardized packages that offer outstanding value while maintaining all the beauty and quality of our custom log homes.  Available in designs from 800 to 2,000 square feet, these homes feature very efficient designs with a wide range of options.  We called this series the Kwik-Kit due to its "kwik" onsite assembly.  Kwik-Kit homes are assembled at your site under our direct supervision in just two to four days.  Each package is pre-cut at our facility to ensure every component fits and matches perfectly.  The components are then carefully organized in kit form and shipped to your site where a team of our skilled craftsmen ensure every detail of its assembly is professionally completed.  All you need do is required is provide a foundation and sub floor, two laborers, and a crane.  Kwik-Kit homes offer exceptional value.  Thanks to standardized designs, highly-efficient production techniques, and fast on-site erection, the high on-site labor costs usually associated with kit homes are eliminated .  With Kwik-Kit, more of your investment goes where it really counts, into a high-quality and beautiful log home designed and built to last lifetimes.  And, with Kwik-Kit there are no surprises -- you know what the cost of the assembled package will be.  In many cases, our handcrafted Kwik-Kits offer more value that a mass produced milled log home.  Your Kwik-Kit provides you with a more complete handcrafted log home package.  The nine foot high walls are handcrafted with eastern white pine in any of our log styles.  Included in the package are second level log floor joints, log stairs, the log post and beam roof and porch system, 2" x 6" pine decking for the second floor and porches, and Synergy Roof Panels.  For superior protection, the log walls are preserved with a Timber Tec coating.

All of our Kwik-Kit homes are made the same way as our Legendary homes… by hand and one at a time.

Synergy Roof Panels

In 1996 Legendary Logcrafters Ltd. thought we could service our customers ever further if we had a roof panel to offer with our log packages.  Un-happy with the products available on the market, we developed our own roof panel that was superior to all others.  Our innovative new roof panel was unique in so many ways.  Firstly, we knew the importance of an air-space above the insulation and how it improves the overall efficiency and performance of the structure and roofing material.  With that in mind, we added an 11/2“ air space above the insulation.  Secondly, our panel has structural members every 24” and is sheeted on the exterior with ½” plywood allowing the panel to span 16’ without additional intermediate support. Thirdly, and best of all, the panel comes with pine tongue and groove paneling on the interior surface.  It is even sanded and stained to the color of your choice.  Another unique advantages is that our panels are precut to your specific design and come in widths of up to 8’.  This allows for a very quick installation of less than a day on most homes.  We offer both an R32 and an R40 panel, the choice is your depending on your location and local building codes.  Please visit our website to get the full rundown.

We’ve got you covered, Quickly!